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Get tracks through Discogs API

A forum thread posted in Suggestions by Clor on Apr 10th, 2011

Clor OP

I thought it might be useful to add functionality to add tracks through the Discogs API (http://www.discogs.com/help/api). All that needs to be applied are the Artist and Album field, which both are known as you stumble upon the ‘add entry’ or ‘add album’ page. After having done that, you’ll only need to check for featured artists and tracklengths and you’re all set. Later on when we’re talking about upcoming albums this is no option of course, but with the current backlog on old discographies, I really think it could be a huge timesaver all in all!



A valid suggestion, but my opinion — at least at the moment — is that I’d rather stuff gets added slower and manually. That way I’m sure every part is being looked at by a person, is not necessarily a carbon copy of the data on every other site out there, and that way there’s also more opportunities to get everyone involved in being active site contributors — there’s plenty of places to start.


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