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Editing guidelines: Simplicity

Main principle of the content on LeadSingle: Simpler is better, clearer and easier to understand.

It’s no secret. Much of the content around on this site can be found in various ways around the Internet. But on LeadSingle, we pride ourselves in cultivating this information in a special way: We cut away unimportant details and include only the essentials, organized in a scannable and systematic manner.

Aside from helping LeadSingle more easily fulfill its purpose of being an easily digestible database of music information, it has at least one other bonus: It helps to avoid confusion, something which is very important to strive after as an editor.

So, remember this the next time you have to decide on what to input into the database: Cut to the bone. If there is a simpler road, take it.


Page construction in progress. Examples coming soon. Good examples are dates, regions, track versions.