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There are certain tags you can use in any user input field on LeadSingle. Here is a guide to all of them, and how you best use them.

LeadSingle-specific formatting tags

Code Description Example
{{Artist Name}}
<artist>Artist Name</artist>
Links to the artist page for the artist given by Artist Name. Robyn
<release artist="Artist Name">Release Title</release>
<release>Release Title</release>
Links to the release page for the release given by Release Title, by the artist given by Artist Name. Under the Iron Sea
<track artist="Artist Name">Track Title</track>
<track>Track Title</track>
Links to the track page for the track given by Track Title, by the artist given by Artist Name. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
<tag>tag name</tag> Links to the tag page for the tag given by tag name. rock
<user>username</user> Links to the user page for the LeadSingle user given by username. andy

Regarding the release and track tags: In some cases, Artist Name can be omitted, if it used in a context where the artist name is self-explanatory, such as in the description of a release or in the biography of an artist.

Generic HTML available

Code Description Example
Makes text bold/strong. Bold text
Makes text italic/emphasized. Italic text
<a href="http://link">Link text</a> Makes the surrounded text a link. Example link
<small>Text</small> Makes text small. Small text
<code>Text</code> Gives the text a monospace font, useful for code. Monospaced text
<blockquote>Text</blockquote> Indentation, for use with quotes.
Indented quote
Creates an unordered list with the given text.
  • Text
Creates an ordered list with the given text.
  1. Text