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Created for the love of music, LeadSingle is an innovative new community that aims to provide the most up to date information about what’s happening in music scene right now. It’s not just about top singles or albums, it’s about giving real time insights into the hotly anticipated latest releases. Loaded with information contributed by you — the community, every artist and band has an easily accessed profile with comprehensive information. This is where you can get involved and cast your vote declaring what you like the most, and which releases you’re looking forward to the most.

If you are a music lover you’ll want to be part of LeadSingle so you can connect with other music lovers, proclaim your love for a particular band and help vote their latest release to the top. We’re not just talking about established groups either — it’s for upcoming bands. Even your Uncle Bob’s attempts at being the next Jon Bon Jovi can take up residence here, and you’ll be instrumental in their success.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can follow your favourite bands and artists on LeadSingle and thus be in the know the moment they even think about making a new album; from the inception and the rumours, all the way to the official release.

We believe in the power of information. This is why, from the beginning, LeadSingle will have tools to help you spread the information about music releases to other places on the web. Reviewed a brand new album on your blog? You can paste a widget from LeadSingle that will give your readers more information. Want to stay on top of the newest moves in music? You can subscribe to feeds that will give you information through your feed reader. And the best part: If you want to create a mashup or app that utilizes the music release information found in LeadSingle in cool ways we didn’t think possible, we’ll definitely have an API ready for you, mister developer.

If you are on the edge of your seat and interested in a potential partnership with LeadSingle.com, or an enthusiastic player in music journalism who wants to be ahead in the game of knowing what’s going on with LeadSingle.com, our Public Relations team would love to hear from you.

Please contact pr@leadsingle.com.