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Style Guide: Artists

This page outlines the general guidelines for the style of artist pages on LeadSingle.


The artist’s region tells us where the artist is from, or where the band was formed. This should be as specific as possible. This is usually straightforward and is a simple country. However, if it’s harder to discern (perhaps band members are from different countries), a continent can be chosen, or the country in which the band was formed. In these situations, it’s best to check the most popular conclusion found around other places on the internet.


The artist biography tells us a little bit about the artist. It should be straightforward, and only contain essential and relevant information, like the artist’s real name/synopsis of (important) past and present band members, place of origin, music style, year of formation/start of musical career. Read more about the formatting of descriptions


The artist image should be a photograph of the current line-up. We prefer quality images that complement the page. A full insight on images is available at our image style guide page. Read more about image guidelines


Artist taggings should describe the artist’s (music) style.